Welcome to the AAPR

Setting standards for automotive part reconditioners, remanufacturers and recyclers.

Why use an AAPR member?

The AAPR works closely with key automotive part reconditioners across the UK with the aim of improving customer relationships, end user experience and efficiencies of practice.

Membership is only granted to companies that work with in ways that concur with our core standards, principals and ethics. Checks are made to ensure all members are fully insured and offer relevant product warranties.

We actively encourage feedback on all of our garages and reconditioners good or bad. Members who fall below our high standards lose their membership.

We do not charge membership fees. AAPR membership is a privelege not a badge that can be purchased.

The benefits of reconditioning

cylinder head

Reconditioning major automotive components not only has a dramatic saving on our natural resources it should save you money too.

Typically about 80% of raw materials and 50% of energy is saved with part reconditioning compared to the manufacture of new units. This equates to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Recondition or Remanufacture?

What's in a name? in this case a significant cost and difference of specification.

Reconditioned parts typically involve the stripping down of the core unit, inspection cleaning, machining and repairing where necessary all components and replacing high wear components like bearings and seals. Reconditioned parts are much better than used or exchange parts and would usually cost two to three times that of a used part. They are usually purchased for vehicles that are not at the end of life but are unlikely to last long enough to warrant the cost of a remanufactured part.

Remanufactured parts are built to a much higher specification with all components rebuilt to at least the manufacturer’s original specification and can be over-engineered for their purpose. Depending on the part and vehicle a remanufactured part will usually cost about two times that of a reconditioned part.